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Single-sided rear UP7X is available for Ducati Panigale 1190 and KTM 1290 only.

If your bike requires a Single Side Wheel that we are currently unable to offer in UP7X or CH3 at this time, we will log your enquiry for when Dymag does have a single-sided swingarm wheel option for your specificaion available.

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Prices shown exclude any special colour or other options or modifications.

Dymag reserves the right to charge an additional engineering fee for special or non-standard modifications.

For UK customers holding a valid ACU Licence (Auto Cycle Union), we offer a 15% discount on the prices shown below:

ACU licence holders (UK only) : must be valid
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UP7X Sizes (Double Side)

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UP7X Sizes (Single Side Rear)

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CH3 Sizes

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