Reinventing the wheel since 1974

Dymag is an elite, British wheel design and manufacturer with an unparalleled history of innovation and technology in motorsport. Leading the way in wheel design and production for over four decades, we pioneered the manufacture of carbon hybrid automotive and monobloc motorcycle wheels, for racing and road use.

Today, Dymag Performance Wheels offer a range of carbon, magnesium and alloy wheels for motorcycle racing and road use, as well as our latest creation, the patented BOXSTROM® carbon composite automotive wheel.

Named in honour of Dymag’s founder Max Boxstrom, the BOXSTROM® Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheel incorporates all the state-of-the-art design and technical performance expertise for which Dymag is renowned.  Developed in partnership with the UK National Composites Centre as part of a multi-million pound research and development project, the patented BOXSTROM surpasses even the highest levels of testing demanded by leading performance and luxury automotive OEMs.

The BOXSTROM® carbon barrel, ensures load path optimisation (removing stress raisers) and utilises a sacrificial layer to protect the load path.  This is teamed with a high specification forged aluminium centrepiece.  The result is a wheel that is up to 40% lighter than forged aluminium and with a 40% lower moment of inertia, improving all elements of driving performance.

Drivers will experience faster acceleration, sharper braking, as well as vastly superior road handling; all without compromising safety.

Already a huge hit with car manufacturers, the BOXSTROM® is now available to the aftermarket as the BX Elite 7X and BX Elite 7Y, combining exceptional performance benefits with stunning design.


Latest Dymag News

Dymag completes funding round to boost carbon wheel production



COVID-19 UPDATE: DYMAG REMAINS OPERATIONAL The Coronavirus has affected all of us worldwide. DYMAG is following UK government advice and direction on maintaining operations. While many of our office staff are working from home, our loyal and devoted workforce is continuing to work.  We are fortunate to have a large footprint that allows our employees […]READ ARTICLE

SSC Tuatara breaks world speed record

Forgeline and Dymag selected by SSC as the wheel of choice for world’s fastest production vehicle Oct 20, 2020, Dayton, OH  –  Forgeline and Dymag, co-developed wheel of choice for the world’s “Fastest Production Vehicle”, the SSC Tuatara, with a top speed recorded of 331mph. The morning of Saturday, October 10, the team at SSC […]READ ARTICLE
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