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The original Carbon monobloc wheel transforms performance.

The most dramatic instant improvement in handling performance you can buy. 

NEWS: CA5 Production paused due to factory relocation

10th November 2020

 2020 has defied all odds with COVID-19 resulting in strong sales of our motorcycle wheel, especially the UP7X forged aluminium wheels range which are supplied to leading Isle of Man TT Superbike teams and British Superbike teams.  Part of the reason for this strong growth is that Dymag is fortunate to have the world’s largest back-catalogue of bikes dating back to the 1970s and not just recently released superbikes, as evidenced by a significant uptick in older bike restorations during 2020.   We are now looking at adding the UP7X single sided rear to our product range in 2021 for 17” x 5.5” and 6.0” rear wheels.

Operationally, we are currently in the process of integrating our current six manufacturing centres into a large single site at Brunel Park to drive efficiency and allow us to scale up our rapidly expanding carbon automobile business. 

Due to the incompatibility of the current manufacturing processes between our carbon and auto wheels, we have reluctantly decided to pause production of the Dymag CA5 carbon motorcycle range, while we undertake the factory re-organisation in 2021.  We will complete all our current orders for shipment before end of February 2021, when the factory move is due to complete.

In the longer term, we have an exciting range of new carbon motorcycle wheel products in development, which will become available over the coming 24 months. We will share more details of these product releases and as always welcome feedback on where Dymag should focus new product development in terms of fitments, applications, and technology.

The focus for the next 24 months will be on Dymag’s highly competitive forged aluminium range of lightweight racing specification wheels certified for road use for today’s and future bikes, as well as classic bikes dating back to the 1970s.

We look forward to working with you and supporting your businesses over this exciting period of transformation for Dymag.

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Chris Shelley, CEO

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