DYMAG is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance carbon automobile and motorcycle wheels with over 40 years’ experience in the industry.

We can take bespoke projects from design concept right through to serial production – or simply supply our BX-F range of patented carbon rims to approved Tier 1 and aftermarket wheel manufacturers.

Our customers include world-famous performance and luxury OEM’s and tuners. However due to confidentiality agreements we are not allowed to disclose the identity of many of our customers.

DYMAG has developed a patented range of carbon hybrid rims or barrels that are available for our customers to use on their automotive projects.  These are split into two core product families: BX-Elite (BX-E) or BX-Flanged (BX-F) carbon rims or barrels.



Typically used for OEM or series tuner projects. 

The core product range of BX-E carbon rims have 7 pairs of embedded insert fasteners that fix the spoke system to the rim.  The spoke system therefore is limited to 7 or 14 spoke designs.

BX-E rims are light, strong and allow more visual aesthetic carbon weave to be exposed.

The manufacturing of the centrepieces involves 5 axis machining which makes them typically them more expensive to machine and requires DYMAG and our customer wheel manufacturers to maintain very tight manufacturing tolerances.

BX-F offers a more flexible rim fastening system and much wider range of styling and fitment options than the BX-E, in a range of sizes that meet full OEM and aftermarket test standards. The centrepiece manufacturing is more flexible and allows DYMAG and our customers to utilise 3-axis or 5-axis machining, with a more tolerance-friendly spoke to carbon rim fastening system. Typically, our carbon rims have 40 holes and can utilise a slightly modified aftermarket centrepiece which can be attached to the rim using steel or titanium bolted fasteners.  The bolts can be exposed or hidden behind the centrepiece mounting rim depending on customer aesthetic and performance requirements.

Centrepieces can be manufactured using aluminium, magnesium, titanium or other more exotic materials.  However, most customers prefer A6061, 6082 or 7000-series forged aluminium centrepieces.

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