Dymag Special Projects

Dymag has a long history of undertaking complex deisgn and manufacturing projects for autmotive and motorcycle clients.

Our cleints range from automotive OEM’s to small niche tuners and specialist engineering design houses.

Dymag’s patented BX carbon hybrid wheel technology is completely customisable to our client’s needs with a very low level of investment.

As a company, we have over 45 years of wheel design experience grounded in top-level motorsport and over 25 years working with carbon fibre wheel technologies. This enables us to engineer custom rims and centrepieces in-house in as little as three months from concept to production.

Alternatively, we offer a number of existing designs that can be used to further reduce development cost and lead times.
There is a range of available existing BX-F and BX-E carbon rim tooling from 19″ to 22” diameter for performance cars.   The company is adding a range of larger and higher-rated SUV and BEV carbon wheels in the near future.
Whatever your production volumes, we look forward to discussing your needs and helping to bring your vision to reality.

Full Design and Development Capability

Fully Manufacturing Capability

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